Conducting Hackathon


I visited DSCE yesterday as a guest for hackman program (a day long hackathon conducted by IS department). Glad to see most of the organizers were our GLUG members and they did a great job by organizing this event. A model which FSMK should try out in other GLUGs and colleges. Kudos to GLUG DSCE and organizers of this event :smiley:

Inspired by this , how about conducting hackathon next time instead of camp i.e step 0 hackathon in glug levels with the support of department during the academic year. This has to be done in collaboration with college where hods/staffs/alumni from that college become organizers , judges and so. Best chosen teams will be allowed to participate in next level hackathon which happens during semester break by clubbing few other activities. Hackthon themes will be chosen accordingly so that we get chance discuss more political aspects of free software. And the hack should be to solve some real life problems than as a hobby project. In future we should target to raise this hackathon event (which happen once in a year) like a mini GSOC.

Thoughts .