Concessional Charges for BSNL Connections


While registering for a BSNL landline connection, I noticed that they offer concessional charges for various voluntary organizations. Look at S.No. vi in Table “Applicable Charges for Concessional Groups” on Page 3 in this PDF form:

What is FSMK’s exact legal status? Does FSMK qualify for this? If FSMK does qualify, this might help us save some money on our community center internet connections. Also, as far as I know, BSNL is the only ISP who provides public WAN IPs. So, BSNL is a good choice for self hosting our own server infrastructure as well.


We are registered as not-for-profit organization

I think we do. On page 3 in the link you shared, FSMK might fall under “other institutions/organizations recognised by the govt. of India”. Since FSMK is a registered society, we might be eligible.

Yeah, that’s true.

I think one of the reasons we opted out of BSNL service in FSMK office is because of bandwidth issue. Are you suggesting we self host everything that FSMK currently uses?


BSNL now offers newer faster plans. They even offer very fast and affordable FTTH connections in Bengaluru, I’ve heard.

Yes, that is the end goal. But, I recommend we approach this piecemeal, one step at a time. We should slowly remove our dependence on VPSs, and move things to our own infrastructure. Perhaps we could start with our static sites. They should be easiest to move out of the VPS.

I will not pretend self-hosting is going to be easy. But, it is an important objective. We will have to figure out many things (power cuts, redundancy, etc.) on the way. But, in the end, we should have a system that makes self hosting easy for everyone. This might involve contributing to such projects as Freedombone and FreedomBox. It might also involve setting up hardware for use as servers. FSMK might even be able to make refurbishing and selling old hardware for use as servers an additional source of revenue. Self-hosting is also closely related to mesh networks, for which also we need hardware infrastructure. So, there is no avoiding the question of owning and running our own infrastructure.

Meanwhile, my experiments with self-hosting are going quite well. I’ve been self-hosting for 3 years now. I too suffer from the occasional power cuts and hardware issues. I am setting up redundancy to compensate. I have two servers now – one in my hometown with a static IP, and one here in Bengaluru with a dynamic IP. If FSMK were to self-host, I will be able to provide some redundancy by mirroring FSMK’s static sites. Exactly how we should do this needs to be discussed and figured out.


They even offer very fast and affordable FTTH connections in Bengaluru, I’ve heard.

Last I heard, BSNL Fiber is limited to apartments. May be different now.