Community wireless network FreedomBox Hackathon


We would like to have a hackathon of Freedom Box on 30th April, from 10:30 to 18:00. For background on how FSMK has been involved in learning about the use of Freedom Box project to do a community wireless infrastructure please check this link Workshop on Low Cost Community Networks with FreedomBox

The aim of this hackathon is to setup the network that would be present in a village setting at a smaller scale i.e.

  • Get the Freedom box software (a Debian based distribution) working on a single board computer (SBC)
  • Explore the various services such as the VoIP server, Next cloud, ToR router and so on in the Freedom Box distribution
  • Connect a couple or more routers to the SBC and configure them.

For this please get the following if you have them:

  • a supported SBC
  • Routers, preferable if it runs OpenWRT. Fine if not too.
  • Ethernet switch
  • Power adapter with USB cables
  • Ethernet cables
  • Download the image of Freedom Box for your SBC

Please reply if you can make it to this session.
Cheers, Prithvi


Can we please have it on Monday? It is a holiday ‘May 1’


Here is a poll
Please fill in which date among 29, 30 April and May 1st is convenient for you. Let’s see which date is suitable for most.


While the poll was useful, based on discussions on the Riot group the hacking session will be held on Sunday at the FSMK office at 10.30 am. See you all there with some hardware.


Hey everyone,

This is a brief report on the FreedomBox hackathon conducted on 30th April,2017 at our FSMK office.

That day we explored the capabilities of the Freedom Box on Single Board Computers(SBCs). FreedomBox aims to provide secure communication and services over small to large networks.
We downloaded the FreedomBox image form one of the sources listed on thier wiki.FreedomBox is currently based on the Debian and GNU/Linux distribution.
We burned the extracted image onto a SBC and got the FreedomBox running on one of the SBCs.The SBC was conected to the local network via the Ethernel Cable.
We couldn’t figure out a way to SSH into the FreedomBox then. The [Freedom Maker script] ( couldn’t set the password for the default user (fbx).
We then had to use the Web GUI to access the FreedomBox (available at https://ip_of_freedombox_in_network ), added an Administrator to the FreedomBox and we could now SSH into the Box using the new user credentials.
We the ended the session after exploring all the services offered by FreedomBox and explored if we could use DHCP on the FreedomBox instead of the router.


  • FreedomBox builds software for smart devices whose engineered purpose is to work together to facilitate free communication among people, safely and securely, beyond the ambition of the strongest power to penetrate. They can make freedom of thought and information a permanent, ineradicable feature of the net that holds our souls. - Eben Moglen
  • FreedomBox can be run on any system that can run Debian.
  • Since FreedomBox aims at providing secure means of communication, it offers various network related services.
  • FreedomBox currently requires a lot of configurations to be done which must be automated in the future.
  • It can be used to empower villages where there is very less infrastructure.
  • Services offered currenlty are Dynamic DNS, Tor (Annoymity Netowork), Privoxy and Ad blocking.
  • Recommended SBCs to use FreedomBox on: [OLinuXino A20] (, [Cubieboard / Cubietruck] (, [Beaglebone Black] (, APU / ALIX