Categorising news to solve fake news problem


As a person who has grown from dial-up to 5g the most pressing issue in the world of communication I feel is fake news.

I feel a system should be implemented to categorise news / articles / videos / images etc into

Fact - a news is verified from multiple sources
Mention sources

Fake - a news is fake and evidence for it

Altered - a news or article has been altered edited or modified after its creation a time stamps of file creation and modifications

Opinion - a news is Fact but is heavily influenced by the authors opinion or perspective

Hate - a news is Fact but is created to spread hate…

From a technical standpoint can such a system be implemented… And what are its challanges
Cause I feel just fact checking news is not enough…


There are a few fact checkers in india
But I feel a news must also be categorised after fact checking to find the intent of a news