Cash vs Digital Money: why going cashless is going to be tough in India?



An article - clearly explains the hurdles faced when the GOV/State is pushing/shoving a facility to make its job easier.

Digital divide shall not mean that it has to be solved through enforcement and subjugation. Recent activities clearly reveal, that the State is clearly desperate about something which it is trying to solve through autocracy actions.

For a cashless society… what they(State) exactly mean by that is … absence of material - currency which consumes significant cost for printing, durability, material-tangibility…etc…

but really decentralized systems like digital wallet transaction as in bitcoin protocols exhibits near perfect balance between financial transaction record and security of transaction - but again it is necessary that the user of the transaction must be equipped with enough computing capability — which is not a perfect scaling procedure for a country like India with considerable rural population with significant digital divide. I have tried for few times now… which is not working effectively with a low bandwidth connection and relatively older computer with me…

It would always better if the State REALLY wants to offer better service, better it bring up poor people (towards cimeless society), a good standard of living, adopt decentralized/grass roots strategy for connectivity and closing digital divide, then do abstract schemes and execute them based on the available platform.

About awarenss of privacy and security… REALLY ??? not everybody even in scientific/computing/research knows significantly about how systems work in terms of security and privacy. All we want is a transaction that works. Spreading awareness for such a massive population seems a daunting task and consumes more time if taken seriously… if not a innovative strategy is handled… through technology. Just speaking philosophy is not going to bring awareness. Not everybody is interested/have time to even listen. Only technology can answer … awareness though action – but not through subjugation.

One strategy could be implementing a bitcoing strategy with a cooperative strategy instead of a competitive strategy that stems from greed of mining.

for now, as we know… State is pushing its iron fisted schemes like uidai/aadhaar based stuff in disguse beyond such a atrocity actions of demonitization. Projecting such a strategy very much shows only a bearing towards a perfect disaster-disaster situation.