Camp '16 Discussion


As a tradition now, FSMK conducts an Industry oriented camp
annually to introduce newcomers to the world of Free Software and the
not-so-new comers to learn more and teach. The week long camp
engages budding engineers to learn new technologies and to build
solutions through technology. Since the camp will have parallel tracks,
let us know which track interests you, so that we can decide which
track to adopt this year. Your responses are vital, so please help us
by taking part in this poll. :slight_smile:

Which semester are you in?

  • Sem II
  • Sem IV
  • Sem VI
  • Sem VIII

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Which stream are you interested in ?

  • Web technologies ( Ionic ,React JS + Mongo DB ,Web and mobile app development with Meteor)
  • Networking (client server programming ,multiplexing socket I/O ,programming with http ,email protocols,web services)
  • Animation (Design ideology ,Inkscape/GIMP ,Blender ,3D Images using Blender ,Employing Blender’s API for Python scripting)
  • Hardware (Raspberry pi ,Programming Constructs using Python ,IOT ,Circuits and Logic Design ,Building automation using Android /NodeJs)
  • Big Data/ Data Analytics
  • Other

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If possible can you guys can add few topics on gaming in Animation section.


Awesome! will take that into consideration :smiley:


Hey can you also add pygames and opengl in Animation track


I think ,we can add opengl considering the availability of time.


But in VTU we have a separate subject “Computer graphic and Visualization” (There we study completely on opengl and few other) in 5th or 6th semester, So is it necessary to go through opengl once again??


Are volunteers and facilitators finalized for the respective tracks?


pygame seems more “campy” project oriented while OpenGL is already part of the VTU syllabus


We are open to volunteers and facilitators stepping forward :smile:


Sounds great. I’m interested in facilitating the following tracks, if my schedule allows for it!

Web Technologies track - (HTML5/ JS/ React/ JS libraries/ Node/ MongoDB),

For the Big data track - I can give sessions on Apache Cassandra (design, architecture and querying). Also a brief introduction on how queuing systems like Apache Kafka work



where should I register for volunteering


@booleanhunter I’d suggest some minimum conceptual overview so that even a newbie can jump in. @harikavreddy can you please follow up with Ashwin for more details related to the track.


@vincentvikram Sure, absolutely. Will come up with a brief overview soon and post it here. I feel it’s more or less going to be similar to the syllabus originally proposed for the Hassan Regional Camp. Since it’s going to be a week long, I think we can try to cover more.


When you guys are going to finalize the tracks…


Expected to finalize tracks by this week end.


I would also like to volunteer (based on dates and venue)…

I’m also interested to take sessions on introduction to Linux Command line/Vim/Scripting if there is requirement


The volunteer forms will be released soon.


I also want b a volunteer…


Which semester are you in?
sem 4
Which stream are you interested in ?


Seems like a lot of discussions have been taking place on multiple fora. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon :wink: