Calling resource persons for 4CCON | FSMI National Conference


Hello all!

4CCon(, India’s biggest gathering of Free Software
and open technology activists, geeks, hackers and socially conscious tech
enthusiasts to be held from January 26-29, 2017 at B.S. Abdur Rahman
University, Chennai. 4CCon is the second national conference of Free
Software Movement of India (, the umbrella organisation of
territorial and sectoral organisations dedicated to the cause of software
freedom across the country. FSMK is one of the chapters under FSMI.

The themes for the conference include

  • Software: Coding Freedom
  • Governance: The Digital Turn
  • Networks: Ending Discrimination
  • Commons: Opening up Knowledge
  • Contribution: Thinking Beyond Code
  • Gender: Diversity & Inclusion
  • Community: Secrets of Success

The conference requires resource persons who are able to deliver workshops and talks in their preferred choice of technology. It could be anything from Python, Shell Scripting, Git, Android programming, Web development, etc.

If you are interested please comment on this post or send me an email at abhi12ravi [at] gmail [dot] com.