BYTESTRUCK is an event that is being hosted by P.A College of engineering since last seven years. The event has an audience of High school and Pre University students. The event was initiated as an effort to help students understand the importance of coding through the free and open source environment. The event intends to impart a proper exposure to the world of programming at the grass root level. BYTESTRUCK employs an approach of introducing the young students to coding by utilizing educational software.

Scratch, Alice, BYOB and E-toys are a few among the list of such educational software. The students participate in a competitive environment to bring their creative best as they take their baby steps in coding.

BYTESTRUCK’16, a showcase event to explore the FOSS culture to the community of students of High school and PU students. This event was organized for spreading awareness of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) among students and hence to encourage them to use FOSS. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering and GLUG PACE is continuously working on spreading the awareness of FOSS among PACE students as well as neighbouring PU College and High School students by organizing various events using FOSS.

This year BYTESTRUCK’16 event, students of P U College and High School in and around Mangalore region and Kerala state are participating in the programme.

(On behalf of GLUG PACE. This event is happening today(Nov 5th). More photos and reports are expected)


Its been 7 years not 9, you ve just made me 2 years older :slight_smile:
Its was concept developed by me and my colleagues with the help our professors especially Dr Waseem… During our 5th sem…

Its good to see that our juniors have continued the concept with the help and support of FSMK and my college Management and department in this quest for spreading knowledge