BMTC and Openstreetmap


I was trying to add a new route request to BMTC website and noticed that they were using Openstreet map powered by Mapbox


Rakesh’s company worked on that project. :joy: Span Infotech.


@vincentvikram, thanks for bringing up to view… :grinning:

yeah OSM community and Mapbox community has done great projects related with humanitarian and transport related stuff.

Anybody who is interested in GIS/Mapping/Cartography & more than maps… please do observe :

In Transport perspective:


For all OSM, GIS, Cartography makers & hackers out there, and who are keen/interested in learning, or intrigued what are all these stuff… me and other peers have decided to collaboratively document about what
we know, what we need to know, ideas, tools, workflows, resources, imaginations, etc…

It is here… (do not expect bells and whistles… its an evolving platform.)
For now membership request is open… and please bear with our delay in processing. We have started this is with a cross pollination, proper collaborative documentation goal.

I think i can keep on ranting about GIS/Mapping and its democratic powers… but i think i am covering most of the things in the above link… feel free to study.

Remember: GIS is a broadly - transdisciplinary subject, so there anybody can contribute and it has something for everybody.