Basic Python workshop in JVIT on 2nd April 2016 - Volunteers needed


Hey there!

As the topic name suggests, FSMK alongside with is conducting a basic python workshop on 2nd April, 2016. It is being conducted in JVIT, Bidadi, Bangalore.

We are looking for a few volunteers to help the speaker out on that day by volunteering and helping students out.



Is this still a requirement. If yes, I can go.


Hey! Yes it is. We have one volunteer already. There is room for more. Its happening in JVIT, Bidadi. The session is from 10Am to 3Pm. Do let me know if you’re going. So that I can give a heads up to the person organizing it. :slight_smile:


I am in. Will pm you in telegram right away


It was a great event. I reached the place with no aim on what was expected of me and what should be my expectation. I very soon speculated that the people around needed to understand what is python and where to use it. So the event kicked off with me giving a basic introduction to what is a programming language and what magic can it solve. And then it went ahead with @prakhar pouring out his magic potion of python with a set of problems that he had prepared and all volunteers sitting with a small set of students and helping them come near a solution and make them solve it. The students were quite excited with these kind of excersices (possibly because only free software people can make workshops like this). Breaking out for lunch (an awesome lunch actually) and back with a bang with more problems. The usual expectation would be to see half the crowd gone by lunch, but to our excitment, we had them back (possibly we were not that boring). Once we had their brains flushed out with a lot of problems, we started to show them how do we use python in the Industry. I explained them how we use python as a part of our development lifecycle and @prakhar ended up showing his amazon cloud magic code and scripts to which a few of the students had their mouth wide open. The event winded up with participants getting their certificates and volunteers receiving a great gift. Tough the participants were done for their day, the volunteers were not. We all sat down for a quick review after the event, where people shared their thoughts. It was during this session, I came to know that, this was a completely student organized event, with no involvement from the staff. And also the amount of tireless effort that the organizers had put in to make this event such a wonderful one.

The organizers had really done a great job overcoming a lot of obstacles and unknowns. Kudos to all of them.
Thanks to @fsmk for letting me be a part of such an awesome event. And thanks to @divya @renganath @fiaz @damodaran @harini @shalini and to the other volunteers (Yes I forgot the names again :smiley: just like I told in the car :smiley: ) for letting me and @prakhar be a part of the event. Also thanks for the JVIT management and staff for letting their students organize an event like this, and hoping that they would support more of such events.

Once again Kudos and Thanks to all.


That’s great to hear Ram! :slight_smile: