Assignments of session 2


Hey everyone,

Here are some basic videos and articles covering some of the topics covered in this session (we’ll scour the internet to add more soon):

  • Analog vs Digital
  • Pull-ups and pull-downs Note that as this video says there is a little current flowing into the microcontroller when it’s pin is in an input state, as a rule of thumb you can assume it is negligible.

Here are the assignments that we mentioned at the end of the class yesterday:

  • Create beautiful patterns with the RGB LED. Play around with the combination of the different colours possible with the combination of the red, green and blue LED, as well as the delay between them.
  • Drive a motor with a MOSFET.
  • Drive a motor with a relay. For both the MOSFET and relay circuits refer this article and this article.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. Cheers!


Assignments to be submitted or discussed next week?


The assignments can be showcased and discussed (as opposed to submitted) in the next class. :slight_smile: