Arduino Workshop @BMSIT&M



The Free Software Club (BMSIT&M) is having a hands-on session on Arduino conducted by Anup Pravin.

This is going to be a two day workshop.

  • Day one, 7th April, Friday, will cover topics like Freedom Hardware, Adruino coding basics, understanding actuators and sensors using motors.

  • Day two, 21st April, Friday, will cover introduction to IoT concepts, interfacing an Arduino with a web client, data logging and control through a web client.

Time: 08:30AM - 04:30PM on both days

Venue: Drawing Hall 1, Ground Floor, BSN Block, BMSIT&M

Registration fee: Rs. 300 per head

For registration and other details check out

For any queries, contact:
Melrick (7760038110)
Jayasurya (8197360630)


DAY – 2

The objective of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for students to be trained with hands on experience on ARDUINO, thereby creating a stepping stone towards the development of Embedded Systems.

DATE: 21st April 2017

VENUE: CSE Seminar Hall, BSN Block, BMSIT


Summary Report
o The session commenced at 9AM.
o It started with learning the Arduino programming datatypes, functions and syntax.
o Then, we went ahead and built-
1. Motor fan
2. Flashlight Detection – Temperature Sensor
3. Obstacle Avoider
4. Smoke Alarm
5. IR sensor Module
o We also controlled the speed of the motor using transistors and MOSFET, temperature sensors, IR Sensors etc.


o The afternoon session started at 2PM.

o In this session, we built a distance calculator using serial monitor.
o We also used the serial data to detect objects within a certain range.

Results and conclusion

o By the end of Day 2, we were able to build circuits and program them using Arduino.

o We were encouraged to come up with project ideas based on Arduino and work on the same.