Anuvaada Premi - Localization themed event by The Oxford Group of GNU/Linux Enthusiasts( TOGGLE )


Hi Everyone,

TOGGLE hosted AUVAADA PREMI, an localization based event, on 8th November, at The Oxford College of Engineering, where we had teams competing against each other in various rounds to translate web resources into Kannada. The event saw a healthy participation of about 25 teams with three members each.

A premier and introduction was given by our hosts, who described in detail the concept of Localization, its necessities and applications. Various open contribution target platforms like Transifex, Zanata, Wikipeadia and other wiki based sites and contribution methods were introduced to the audience.

Translation of quotations from Wikiquote, and app string translations for, VLC-android and 2048 were undertaken. We were able to package the app 2048 to demonstrate to the participants and audience the translated app, which served as a live example.

At the end of the day we reminded the crowd of the benefits of Localization and urged contributions, which we would be more than happy to endorse and collaborate on!

From the event:

Monthly Meeting November 2017