Announcing FSMKCamps'19


FSMKCamps’19 is open for registrations now. This year, we are focusing on Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing and Internet of Things with a specific focus on Privacy and Surveillance.

The camp is happening in PES College of Engineering, Mandya from 20th - 24th January 2019.

We are expecting about 150 participants from different parts of Karnataka and a few people from Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and Kerala.

Attaching the official poster below.


Hi @voidspace,

I don’t think the posters were uploaded!


Fixed it. Thanks for pointing out. My mistake I missed to verify it.


For our camp, we have none other than Dr Stallman who launched the Free Software Movement in 1983 coming and delivering a talk on “A Free Digital Society” on 20th Jan 2019.

Please do feel free to invite your friends to come and attend his talk :slight_smile:

Yipee !!


The camp has officially ended. Watch this space for the camp report and other updates.